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One thing you can say about our lovely area is that we do not lack for diversity. Between tourists from around the world and visitors turned into "locals" from all parts and beyond, our community is a wonderful little melting pot. This shows in our restaurants. We have American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese and more, but one thing we haven't had (until now) is real New York bagels. Now, do not confuse a processed, in-your-grocer's-freezer-section-New-York style bagel for the real thing, because there is a difference. Just try a bagel at the Bada Bing Bagel shop and compare it to its processed-food cousin, and yes, you will understand. "We get our bagels straight from New York. It's a little family owned business and they make our bagels fresh per order. When they have our order ready, we get our truck there and then they bring them right here on South Padre Island,TX." .

Our Sandwiches

Deli Bagel Sandwiches like BadaBoom,Broadway,Central Park, Coney Island, Garden State, Liberty, Manhatton, Times Square, BlT, more.....

Our Bagels

Over 15 types of bagels, imported from New York. All our cream cheeses are made daily at the shop. Offering a wide range of both breakfast and deli sandwiches prepared to your satisfaction..

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bada bing bagels Post your photos of your Bagel on Instagram we enjoy what our customer have to say. Come in for a Bagel,Cookie or just have Coffee or Soft Drink and talk. .

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Use our contact for if you have question about having use deliver bagels to McAllen we do that about 2x a month. Let us know if you need a very large order for a company meeting, a morning brunch or just need more that what you are seeing here. let us know we would love to here from you. Bada Bing Bagels .